Bard College Student Handbook


All residence halls are equipped with hallway phones that may be used to dial on-campus extensions, local calls, and 800 numbers for pre-paid calling card use. Long distance calling cards are available at the college bookstore, located in the Bertelsmann Campus Center.   
Every residence hall room contains a physical telephone jack and an ethernet jack.  In most cases, the ethernet jack will be blue and the telephone jack will be white or ivory. In addition, all residence halls have wireless internet service. If there is a problem with an ethernet jack or wireless internet service, please contact the Bard College Helpdesk at x7500 (845.758.7500) or
If you would like to have the phone line turned on, please create a work order at: and the Telephone Department will make your phone jack live. You will have to provide your own land-line phone. This will allow you to dial on-campus extensions, local calls, and 800 numbers from your room. 
There is a large network of outdoor emergency phones on-campus that can be used to quickly contact Bard Security in the event of an emergency. You will find these phones in yellow, green or aluminum boxes along campus paths and outside the front doors of residence halls.
If you ever discover a campus telephone that is not working, please create a work order at:
Important Campus Extensions:
Security (Non-Emergency): x7460 (845.758.7460)
Security (Emergency): x7777 (845.758.7777)
Buildings and Grounds: x7465 (845.758.7465)