Bard College Student Handbook

Trustee Leader Scholar Program (TLS)

Bertelsmann Campus Center 213, phone: 7056



TLS is a select group of students who design and run civic engagement projects based on their own passionate interests. Recent TLS projects include the New Orleans Exchange (over 1,000 Bard students have worked in NOLA since Katrina and they are currently working to restore the right to vote for formerly incarcerated individuals), ESL programs for migrant laborers in the Hudson Valley, science outreach days in local schools, and string instrument instruction for youth in Siloe, Colombia, one of the poorest slums in South America. 
We are always open to hearing the phrase, “I have a TLS project,” and every Bard student is eligible to apply for TLS status. Acceptances happen on a rolling basis and are based on the willingness and capacity of a student to direct a large-scale project. Most TLS students remain active in the program throughout their college experience. They meet one-on-one with the program director and assistant, take part in skill-building workshops, and write formal project proposals, budgets, and evaluations.  Many TLS students have said, “This is the most important thing I did at college.”