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Welcome to Your Sophomore Year!

Sophomore year is a pivotal time in your college career, when considerable thought needs to be given to the direction you wish to take—both academically and personally—throughout the rest of your tenure at Bard. You will be asked to pick a field of study and chart your academic course. Some of you will join a TLS project or get connected with a new club. Some will choose to study abroad and begin that application process. Others will find a new area of interest that will drastically alter the course of your education. Although this time will be uniquely yours, you share with your peers the Moderation process and the advancement into the Upper College.

The sophomore year is a distinctive one in terms of the opportunities and challenges it presents. Situated between the excitement and newness of your first year and the more directed focus provided by the upper level seminars taken in your junior and senior years, the sophomore year is one of transitions and, for some, dislocation. Traditionally referred to as the “Sophomore Slump,” this phenomenon affects each student differently and to varying degrees. Some of you will find yourselves struggling academically for the first time, while others will need some guidance about Moderation and its impact on future goals. For others, the difficulties of this year will be experienced entirely outside of the classrooms, as high school friendships fade and you feel that you haven’t quite found your place socially here yet.

However you are experiencing this exciting if not stressful year, we want to help! On this webpage are links that should help you answer the questions that will inevitably arise as you navigate your second year. We know it’s been awhile since the beginning of L&T when we listed (and listed again) all of the resources on campus, so this page also has links for campus services you may want to reconnect with. We also hope you won’t hesitate to stop by, e-mail, or call if you have questions or experience some difficulties. It is our hope that this year will be one of meaningful self exploration. If there’s anything we can do to help you be able to get, and give, the most to your experience here, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

See you around Annandale,

Timand Bates '02
Assistant Dean of Students
Sottery Hall

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During your sophomore year at Bard, you will make major academic decisions that will affect the rest of your time at the College. Traditionally, the sophomore year is when students moderate into their discipline of study and advance into the Upper College program. Your academic adviser will be your greatest resource throughout this process, but here are a few other tools to help you along the way. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch with David Shein, Dean of Studies, or Timand Bates, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Sophomore-Year Experience. VIEW MORE >>

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Study Abroad
If studying abroad during your junior year interests you, here are some resources to get you started. We recommend that you take a look at the study abroad website and set up a meeting with their office to discuss your options.

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On-Campus Resources
From Dining Services and Financial Aid to Health and Counseling Services, there are a number of resources available to answer your questions, provide support, and help you make the best choices about your time at Bard. Feelings of isolation during the sophomore year are not uncommon and we hope you utilize these resources to reengage in meaningful ways with this community. If you do find yourself navigating any symptoms of the Sophomore Slump, please reach out to Health and Counseling Services and the Dean of Student Affairs Office. VIEW MORE >>

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Get Involved
One of the best ways to enhance your experience here is to be involved in cocurricular activities. Whether it's joining a club, finding campus employment, or joining a sports team, your sophomore year is a great time to get involved and develop a support system. VIEW MORE >>