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Nicholas Gumas ‘11

Nicholas Gumas ‘11
“BHSEC’s small class sizes and discussions were invaluable.”

Nick Gumas came to BHSEC Manhattan from the United Nations International School. He is currently enrolled at the George Washington University and is majoring in political science with a focus on public policy.

Nick had his eyes set on BHSEC during the high school admission process. BHSEC was his top choice, one of two schools he applied to. He heard of BHSEC from a friend “who went on and on” about the school. Soon enough, Nick fell in love with the school, too. 

Nick believes that BHSEC’s academic culture, one that promotes inquiry and discussion, contributes to a thriving community. “Everyone here challenges you intellectually, our conversations rotated around current events or readings. The environment was very warm and accepting—it was a really great place to learn.”

Nick credits BHSEC’s engaged and knowledgeable professors with setting the stage for an atmosphere of learning. “Professors are attentive here at BHSEC, and that obviously benefits the students. More people are engaged in class discussions and have thoughtful things to say.” He fondly remembers discussions about postmodernism; “it was always a lively debate, never dull, never boring.” Like everyone, Nick favored some classes and not others, but he never felt alienated from a topic. “I genuinely enjoyed materials taught to me, even things that I wasn’t interested in were made interesting by the professors.”

Although Nick had always been passionate about politics, his experience at BHSEC cemented his views. “I was never much interested in education policy until going to BHSEC and then a large university. Interacting with students who have different high school backgrounds, you realize your experience at BHSEC is something very few people have the opportunity to experience. After hearing their stories, I became concerned and passionate about education policy.”

Since leaving BHSEC, Nick has become involved in politics. In New York, he interned at NARAL Pro-Choice New York and, while in Washington, Nick has worked at Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s office and the Human Rights Campaign. He was also chosen to be the student speaker at the United for Marriage Rally, organized by the Human Rights Campaign and United for Marriage. Once he graduates from George Washington, Nick has his eyes set on law school and public office.