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Xavier Edwards ‘14

Xavier Edwards ‘14
“At BHSEC, I realized after a while that my thinking was different.” Xavier is a rising year two student at BHSEC Queens and anticipates graduating in the spring of 2014. When Xavier came to BHSEC, he found himself in an exciting, lively environment. “My old school was 100 percent African American, so coming to BHSEC and finding a melting pot of all races and backgrounds was so wonderful. I had never experienced that before.” 

For BHSEC students, thinking does not occur within the confines of classroom walls. “We’re on the train and we’re talking about Socrates—discussion over a point made by a professor never stays in the classroom.” According to Xavier, students at BHSEC truly love learning. “We all share that common ground, we all love learning. You couldn’t thrive here without it. When you have that love for learning, it doesn’t matter what the subject is because all subjects come together in some shape or form.” 

BHSEC’s small, intensive classes were key to Xavier’s academic success. He considers BHSEC to be a place where intellectual discussion is of paramount importance, and a place where faculty and students see each other as equals. “Professors are engaging us and having a discussion with us like we’re peers.”

Xavier’s love for learning mirrors his love for the community. He has been an active member of the BHSEC community. Just to name a few areas of involvement, he has served as a peer tutor, peer mediator, student ambassador, is the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, and serves as the Class of 2014 administrative liaison. 

One of the accomplishments Xavier feels most proud of is the BHSEC Diversity Initiative. Xavier saw that the school could do more to promote diversity, and so he stepped up to the plate and took initiative by himself. Xavier approached the director of admission and expressed his interest in starting a diversity initiative. “I had no idea where to begin but I knew I wanted something to happen.” In a short time, the program got rolling. “We started calling schools, focusing on the seventh grade. We started doing site visits and, beginning this fall, we’re going to assess the students.” 

Xavier is excited to attend a liberal arts college like BHSEC in the near future. He intends to major in political science and communications at a four-year institution.