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Sherman Fabes '09

Sherman Fabes
"The lasting effects of my BHSEC education cannot be overemphasized...the critical thinking skills and study skills I acquired at BHSEC made it possible for me to thrive at the Missouri School of Journalism and win an Emmy Award very early in my career.” Sherman Fabes earned his Associate in Arts degree from BHSEC Manhattan in 2009 and a Bachelor of Journalism degree with a dual emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and Strategic Communication from the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri in 2013. 

The week following his graduation from the University of Missouri’s nationally ranked Missouri School of Journalism, Sherman started his job at the MLB Network, an American television sports channel dedicated to baseball. At MLB Network, Sherman produced and edited montages, essay features, high-end teases, on-air talent segments, highlights, sound packages and miscellaneous production elements, for various shows. In June 2015, Sherman won an Emmy Award for his work on MLB Tonight. MLB Tonight was recognized by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as the "Outstanding Daily Sports Studio Show" in 2015.

Currently, Sherman is an Associate Producer for the CBS Sports Network where he works on National Football League, college football and college basketball coverage. He has been an integral part of the launch of Time to Schein, a sports talk show with host Adam Schein.

To this day, Sherman says the most difficult challenge he ever faced was getting through high school.

“I went to BHSEC because my parents thought it would be good for me. I had been deemed ‘practically illiterate’ by grade school and middle school teachers, and was a self-described sports nerd. I was forever playing catch up when it came to schoolwork. While I strongly disliked reading and writing, I loved being able to express my opinions.

It was at BHSEC that I actually learned how to read, write, think and cogently and persuasively express my opinions. The majority of credit for these accomplishments goes to my 9th grade English professor and BHSEC’s founding principal, Ray Peterson. The lasting effects of my BHSEC education cannot be overemphasized."

Sherman transferred all of his credits to the University of Missouri, which allowed him to take full advantage of what the university had to offer. He explained, "Although I walked out of BHSEC with a GPA closer to 1.0 than to 4.0, the critical thinking skills and study skills I acquired at BHSEC made it possible for me to thrive at the Missouri School of Journalism and win an Emmy Award ridiculously early in my career.”

Sherman expressed his belief that the best reporters, producers, journalists, and communicators are well-rounded. He explained: “Being well-rounded is not about the amount of activities and organizations you have on a resumé, but rather the leadership roles you take on in your life and your commitment and engagement with the things you love to do. I learned all about leadership and community engagement at Mizzou. Without BHSEC, my ability to engage and assume leadership roles at college would not have been possible.” 

BHSEC helped Sherman achieve his dream job. “It has been my dream to be engaged in the sports field for as long as I can remember, and, while I didn’t understand BHSEC’s  impact on me at the time, looking back, I fully credit BHSEC for helping me develop so many of the skills I needed to make my dream come true,” he said.