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  • Jonathan St. Felix (BECNO class of 2016)
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Bard Early College in New Orleans
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Welcome to BECNO

Bard Early College in New Orleans is founded in the belief that the opportunities for critical inquiry offered by the best colleges in the country should be available to younger students who have the ambition to learn and the curiosity to engage difficult questions. We act on this belief by offering 11th and 12th graders a unique opportunity: Bard Early College students spend the second half of every school day as undergraduates of Bard College, completing the first year of a Bard education during the last two years of high school. BECNO runs two half-day college campuses in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, enrolling over 100 students from public high schools across New Orleans. BECNO campuses are among the most rigorous and inclusive early colleges in the country.