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Bard Early College in New Orleans
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What We Do

Bard Early College in New Orleans engages bright, intellectually curious students through a tuition-free, immersive liberal arts curriculum. By promoting authentic and supportive undergraduate opportunities, BECNO faculty and staff prepare students of all academic backgrounds for further college success. We act on this belief by offering 11th and 12th graders a unique opportunity: BECNO students spend half of every school day as undergraduates of Bard College, enrolled in demanding, college credit-bearing courses across the Bard curriculum. BECNO students complete the first year of a Bard education during the last two years of high school.

Our Results

BECNO has shown the promise of early college education and of the liberal arts to inspire young people. BECNO students act on extraordinary intellectual ambition: while still in high school, BECNO students have published writing in the Hechinger Report, Time Magazine, the Washington Post, and the Times Picayune; they have organized conferences and symposia, and they have studied with some of the most celebrated scholars in New Orleans.

Since 2015, over 97% of BECNO students have earned college credit for coursework at Bard Early College. On average, the Class of 2016 earned 14.4 college credits while attending BECNO. Our alumni have, moreover, moved on to excellent colleges and universities at a remarkable rate. Last year, in 2016, 96% of BECNO students matriculated to a post-secondary institution. Students gained admission to Emory, Howard, Notre Dame University, and other elite institutions, including the best colleges and universities in Louisiana.

Our Program

BECNO's half-day college campus is run in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education, enrolling over 120 students from high schools and youth-service organizations across New Orleans. Courses on BECNO’s campuses are offered at no cost to the student, and all courses are dually accredited, allowing BECNO students to move ahead in college without falling behind in high school. They are among the most rigorous early colleges in the country.

In the Classroom

The BECNO classroom is emphatically held to Bard’s high academic standards. With passionate, expert faculty and engaging coursework, BECNO recalls students and educators to the pleasures of scholarship: beyond the quantified attainment of technical skills, intellectual work is shown to be rewarding as an affirmation of the strength of human expression.