Bard Faculty

Simon Gilhooley

Assistant Professor of Political Studies

Primary Academic Program: Political Studies

Academic Program Affiliation(s): American Studies


M.A., University of Edinburgh; M.A., University of London, Institute for the Study of the Americas; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University. Previously served as lecturer at Ithaca College. Publications: “The Framers Themselves: Constitutional Authorship during the Ratification,” American Political Thought 2:1 (2013); and review of "John Dreijmanis's Max Weber's Complete Writings on Academic and Political Vocations," Political Studies Review. Awards and honors include Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship, Thomas H. Critchlow Award, and Gilder Lehrman Fellowship, among others. Member, American Political Science Association, Midwestern Political Science Association, American Historical Association, Society of Early Americanists. At Bard: 2013–2015.


  • Research Interests: History of political thought; American political thought; Constitutional theory; American political development; public media and democratic politics; philosophy and practice in the Early Republic


Phone: 845-758-7556
Location: Aspinwall
Office: 310