Bard Faculty

Richard Rowley

Visiting Artist in Residence

Primary Academic Program: Film and Electronic Arts


Richard Rowley is an award-winning cinematographer and documentary filmmaker, whose feature films include Where to Invade Next; Dirty Wars, an Academy Award nominee and Sundance Festival cinematography winner; The War of 33; I Know I’m Not Alone; Fourth World War; This Is What Democracy Looks Like; Black and Gold; and Zapatista, best documentary winner at CineFestival, NextFrame, and the Smithsonian Latino Film Series. Television credits include America Divided and The Years of Living Dangerously, which won an Emmy Award in 2014 for best nonfiction series. His TV credits also include Terror in Little Saigon, which aired on Frontline; Vultures in Liberia, Bernie Madoff Scandal, Voter Suppression in the U.S., Nazihunters, and Chavez’s Venezuela, among others on BBC; White Power U.S.A, Iran: Elections under Threat; Welfare Rebel, and Reconstruction in Lebanon on Al Jezeera English; Dangerous Allies on PBS; and Famine in Niger and World Bank Famine on CNN. A recipient of Sundance, Jerome, Pulitzer, and Rockefeller Fellowships, he is the cofounder of Big Noise Films with Jacqueline Soohen, also a Visiting Artist in Residence in the Film and Electronic Arts Program. At Bard since 2016.