Bard Faculty

Brandon McCoy

Visiting Lecturer in Economics

Primary Academic Program: Economics


BA, Lewis & Clark College; Post Baccalaureate, Portland State University; MA, PhD candidate, University of Missouri–Kansas City. Brandon McCoy’s areas of interest include quantitative methods, labor economics, microeconomics, political economy, econometrics, comparative systems, and history of thought, among others. Publications include the book chapter “The Job Guarantee: An Institutional Adjustment toward an Inclusive Provisioning Process,” in Full Employment and Social Justice (2017); and book reviews in the Review of Keynesian Economics and Journal of Economic Issues. He has made presentations at numerous conference meetings throughout the United States on subjects such as the institutional implications of employment policy, and the job guarantee and its impact on employment and stability. Recipient of a Hyman Minsky Fellowship at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, among other honors. At Bard: Spring 2018.