Bard Faculty

Alice Stroup

Professor of History

Academic Program Affiliation(s): Environmental and Urban Studies, French Studies, Historical Studies, Medieval Studies, Science, Technology, and Society

Academic Expertise: Historical Studies

Area of Specialization: Medieval and Early Modern Europe


B.A., City College of New York; Diploma in the history and philosophy of science (with distinction) and D.Phil., Oxford University. Postdoctoral grants: American Council of Learned Societies; American Philosophical Society; Fulbright Foundation; National Science Foundation; National Endowment for the Humanities. Author of Royal Funding of the Parisian Academy of Sciences during the 1690s and A Company of Scientists: Botany, Patronage, and Community at the Early Parisian Academy of Sciences, as well as articles and reviews. At Bard since 1980.


  • Research Interests: History and philosophy of science; radical Utopian thought; Spinoza and Spinozism; science and dissent; botany, chemistry, French Academy of Sciences
  • Teaching Interests: Middle Ages; scientific revolution; disease in history; France to the Revolution; Dutch Republic
  • Other Interests: Organic gardening, native plants; classical music; art, especially 16th and 17th centuries; animal ethology


2008-08-06 — Publication
Books: A Company of Scientists: Botany, Patronage, and Community at the Seventeenth-Century Parisian Royal Academy of Sciences. Berkeley: U California Press, 1990. Royal Funding of the Parisian Académie Royale des Sciences during the 1690s. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, 77:4, Philadelphia, 1987. Selected Articles: "Censure ou querelles scientifiques : l'affaire Duclos (1675-1685)," in Règlement, usages et science dans la France de l'absolutisme, ed. Christiane Demeulenaere-Douyère and Éric Brian (Paris: Lavoisier Tec et Doc, 2003). "Nicolas Hartsoeker, savant hollandais associé de l'Académie des Sciences et espion de Louis XIV," in De la diffusion des sciences à l'espionnage industriel xve-xxe siècle, ed. André Guillerme (Fontenay Saint-Cloud: ENS Editions, 1999). "French Utopian Thought:The Culture of Criticism," "Massé's Haircut," and "Foigny's Joke," in EMF: Studies in Early Modern France, 4 and 5 (Utopia), ed. David Lee Rubin, co-ed. Alice Stroup (Charlottesville: Rookwood Press, 1998, 1999). "Louis XIV as Patron of the Parisian Academy of Sciences," in Sun King: The Ascendancy of French Culture During the Reign of Louis XIV, ed. David Lee Rubin, (Washington: Folger Shakespeare Library, 1992).


Phone: 845-758-7234
Location: Fairbairn
Office: Fairbairn 203