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CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE online
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January for fall entrance

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Bard College
Office of Financial Aid

PO Box 5000
(30 Campus Road)
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000

Location: Physical Plant, Rm 108
Phone: 845-758-7526 or 845-758-7525
Fax: 845-758-7336
Undergraduate: finaid@bard.edu
Graduate: gradfinaid@bard.edu

College Scholarship Service (CSS)/Financial Aid PROFILE

Obtaining the CSS PROFILE

• Students applying for first-year admission who wish to be considered for institutional scholarship should first register for the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE online.
• The online PROFILE form will be customized for the schools listed.
• Supplemental forms may be indicated if appropriate; this includes the Noncustodial Parent's PROFILE.

Output to Student

• CSS will send an acknowledgement of receipt of the PROFILE with a list of the schools to which the information has been sent. The acknowledgement will also summarize the information submitted on the PROFILE.
• Review the information carefully. If there are any significant errors or omissions, forward corrections to the Bard Financial Aid Office.
• Additional schools can be added online.

Completing the PROFILE

• The CSS college code number for Bard is 2037.
• Complete all sections of the CSS PROFILE; estimated income is acceptable if tax returns have not been completed.
• Print a copy for your records.
• This form may be completed as early as October. New students requesting consideration for an institutional scholarship should submit this form no later than February 15. Returning students with an institutional scholarship should submit this form no later than March 31. The appropriate fee will be required during processing.
• If supplemental forms must be submitted, they should be sent to the college financial aid offices requesting them. The Noncustodial Parent's PROFILE must be completed online on the College Board website after the student has completed the CSS PROFILE.

Output to School

• If Bard College is listed on the registration and the appropriate fee was paid to CSS, CSS will transmit the information on the PROFILE to Bard in both print and electronic formats.
• If the Financial Aid Office receives corrections to the PROFILE data, the office will make corrections. Once the CSS form has been filed and processed, any corrections should be submitted in writing directly to Bard.