Renewal of Financial Aid

Renewal Guidelines

  • A student who enters Bard with a financial aid award can expect that the same amount of institutional aid will be renewed in subsequent years, provided the student reapplies for aid each year, continues to demonstrate a similar level of financial need, and maintains good academic standing.

  • Standards for satisfactory academic standing vary with funding sources, but are generally similar, i.e., the student must achieve a C+ or 2.3 grade average and annually earn at least 28 credits toward a degree. Some scholarships have a different standard for satisfactory academic standing and you will be notified if you receive a scholarship with different requirements as to what those standards are.  

  • Bard scholarships are awarded with the expectation that the scholarship is granted for four continuous years of study at Bard College or until the student completes the degree requirements for the first bachelor's degree, whichever comes first.  Students coming from within the Bard Network should be able to complete in less than three years, depending on the program that the student came from.

  • If a scholarship recipient takes an official leave of absence for a semester or year and has maintained appropriate academic standing prior to the leave, the scholarship will be reinstated upon the student’s return to Bard. Reinstatement occurs within the limits established above and within the stipulations of the specific scholarship program.

  • If a scholarship recipient transfers or withdraws from Bard, the scholarship award will not be reinstated if the student decides to rematriculate at Bard. (The student may again apply for financial aid through the regular process, but with no guarantee that the award will be renewed or given in the previous amount.)

  • Students who apply for financial aid but do not demonstrate financial need in one year may reapply for financial aid in subsequent years. First priority for financial aid is given to students who have received assistance in the past and continue to demonstrate financial need. Students who fail to demonstrate need at their first application but succeed in doing so in a subsequent application, as well as students who do not apply for financial aid upon entrance, will be considered for available funds. These applications will be submitted to the Review Committee for a decision to be made in the middle of June.

Contacting Bard Financial Aid

Bard College
Office of Financial Aid

PO Box 5000 (30 Campus Road)
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000

Location: Physical Plant, Rm 108
Phone: 845-758-7526 or 845-758-7525 Fax: 845-758-7336
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