Rights and Responsibilities of Aid Recipients


  • The Financial Aid Office will treat information regarding your application for financial aid professionally and with confidentiality.
  • If you have any questions, the Financial Aid Office will explain how your eligibility for aid and your financial aid package were determined.
  • If your family circumstances change to the extent that you believe your eligibility for and amount of financial aid would be affected, you may present documentation of those circumstances to the Financial Aid Office. Funds permitting, the amount of aid may be increased following a review by the Review Committee.
  • You may request in writing a reevaluation of your financial aid offer. The Review Committee considers such requests in June and August for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester.
  • If you do not maintain good academic standing, but are able to document mitigating circumstances (such as a change in your academic program or an illness in your family), you may appeal the suspension or termination of aid by contacting the Dean of Studies. 


  • You or a member of your family must submit to the Financial Aid Office a written report of changes in your financial situation as soon as they occur. This applies to changes in resources (such as receipt of an external scholarship) that would be taken into account in determining your financial need.
  • You must submit all required applications and documentation in a timely manner. You must reapply for aid every academic year.
  • You must maintain good academic standing, defined as a satisfactory (C+ or 2.3) grade average and satisfactory annual progress toward a degree (at least 28 credits per year).  Some Scholarships may have different standards.  Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.
  • You are expected to enroll as a full-time student (defined as taking a minimum of 12 credits each semester) and to graduate within the standard period of time; awards are typically limited to four years.  The time period may be shorter for students coming from schools within the Bard Network.
  • You must participate in a loan entrance interview before the first loan disbursement can be credited to your tuition account.
  • You must notify the Financial Aid Office if you withdraw from the College or intend to take a leave of absence, so that you can be informed about revision of aid.
  • You must have an exit interview at the Financial Aid Office if you have received a Federal Perkins Loan or a Federal Direct Loan and do not plan to return to the school the following semester.

Contacting Bard Financial Aid

Bard College
Office of Financial Aid

PO Box 5000 (30 Campus Road)
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000

Location: Physical Plant, Rm 108
Phone: 845-758-7526 or 845-758-7525 Fax: 845-758-7336
E-mail Undergraduate: finaid@bard.edu 
E-mail Graduate: gradfinaid@bard.edu