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Financial Aid for Academic Leave of Absence

The following information is required by the Financial Aid Office for all Bard students planning to study abroad or at another institution, in addition to the standard financial aid application materials:
  1. Apply for approval from the Bard Registrar’s Office that the coursework completed at the host institution will be accepted toward degree requirements at Bard College. (Download application below.)
  2. Submit documentation of actual charges or costs for the study abroad program (i.e., catalogue statements or any official list of costs from the host institution).
  3. Submit enrollment certification (showing full-time enrollment) from the program you will be attending. This may be a letter from your host institution once you have registered.
  4. Submit a Refund Request. (Download request below.)
  5. Submit the name and address of your program so we may send a Consortium Agreement to be completed between Bard and your host institution.

Federal financial aid that you are eligible for may be used for study at another institution. This may include Pell Grant, SEOG grant and/or Stafford Loan funds. TAP grants from New York State will only be available if you chose to attend another New York institution. If you are a TAP recipient and will be attending another New York institution, check with the financial aid office for further information about using these funds for your academic leave.

Campus-based funds, including Bard scholarships and work-study, will not be available to students who take a leave of absence in order to pursue studies at another institution.

If any of the above listed requirements are missing, then your aid will not be forwarded. Please follow up with our office to confirm that we have all the necessary documentation. Also, remember that you still need to complete all necessary financial aid applications and provide tax information to the Financial Aid Office.

If you are on an academic leave during financial aid deadlines for the following year, be sure all forms are completed by the applicable deadlines:

  • CSS PROFILE and FAFSA – March 31
  • International Financial Aid Form – April 15

Study abroad does not jeopardize the renewal of your Bard scholarship, as long as you remain in good academic standing and the appropriate forms (PROFILE and/or FAFSA) have been filed for the semester in which you will be returning.

Applying for an Academic Leave of Absence

The Executive Committee must approve your completed application for an academic leave of absence before you participate in courses at another institution; otherwise you will not receive credit at Bard College for these courses. The Petition for Study Abroad or Petition for Academic Leave of Absence must be submitted by May 1 for a leave in the following fall semester, and by November 15 for a leave in the following spring.

Academic Leave of Absence Refund Request

Use the Refund Request Form or submit written authorization from you, the student, directing Bard to send the financial aid refund to you, another person, or your program. If funds are to be sent to the program, please provide the mailing address.

Contacting Bard Financial Aid

Bard College
Office of Financial Aid

PO Box 5000 (30 Campus Road)
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000

Location: Physical Plant, Rm 108
Phone: 845-758-7526 or 845-758-7525 Fax: 845-758-7336
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