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Male Survivors

Male Survivors

Rape and sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. Men can be sexually assaulted no matter their race, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, or strength. Even though male sexual assault remains vastly underreported, the United States Department of Justice documents more than 13,000 cases of male rape every year. Statistics estimate that one in six men have experienced an abusive sexual experience before the age of 18. Sexual violence is devastating to all victims, regardless of gender, and many reactions are shared by both male and female victims. You may feel rage, shame, guilt, powerlessness, helplessness, concern regarding your safety, and/or symptoms of physical illness. You need to know that strong or weak; outgoing or withdrawn; gay, straight, or bisexual; old or young; whatever your physical appearance, you have done nothing that justifies this violence against you. At no point and under no circumstances does anyone have the right to violate or control another. Sexually violent crimes are often embedded in issues of violence and power, not of lust or passion. Feeling responsible is a normal reaction to sexual violence. However, sexual violence is never the responsibility of the survivor; you did nothing to deserve this.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault there is support

Violence Prevention and Advocacy

On-Campus Clubs

  • Bard Men's Forum
    A weekly discussion group focused on the role of masculinity and what it means to identify as a man both at Bard and outside of it.
  • Club Officers: Jordan Bodwell, jb8437@bard.edu, and Griffin Burke, gb0808@bard.edu