The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College
The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College


Fall Conference 2013

Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

Thursday, October 3, 2013

10:00 AM       Is There a Crisis of Educated Citizenship?

                      Michele Dominy

                      Roger Berkowitz

10:30 AM       Do We Need a Common Public Language?

                      Richard Rodriguez

                      Moderator: Marina Van Zuylen

11:45 AM       Has Higher Education in the United States Lost its Way?

                      Ellen Condliffe Lagemann

                      Harry Lewis

                      Moderator: Karen Sullivan

1:00 PM         Lunch

2:00 PM         Will MOOC's Save Higher Education?

                      Andrew Ng

                      Moderator: Thomas Wild and Maria Sachiko Cecire

2:45 PM         Is Education in Crisis?

                      Jerome Kohn

                      John Seery

                      Moderator: Jessica Restaino

4:00 PM         Break

4:15 PM         What is the Role of the Practical Arts in Educating Citizens?

                      Matthew Crawford

                      Moderator: Paul Marienthal

5:15 PM         How Can Civic Education Avoid Being Propaganda?

                      Elizabeth Beaumont

                      Erik Reece

                      Moderator:  David Nelson

6:30 PM         Can Education Reform Really Work?

Sy Fliegel

                      Moderator: Wyatt Mason


Friday, October 4, 2013

10:00 AM       What Does it Mean to Educate Citizens?

                      Leon Botstein

                      Wyatt Mason

11:15 AM       Is College Necessary?

                      Dale Stephens

                      Moderator: Dean Hachamovitch

12:00 PM       Should Education Be Privatized?

                      James Tooley

                      Moderator: Ben Slivka

12:45 PM       Do the Arts Contribute to Citizen Engagement?

                      Shirley Brice Heath

                      Moderator: Nancy Leonard

1:30 PM         Lunch

2:30 PM         Are Public Schools Necessary in a Democracy?

                      Will Richardson

                      Steven Tatum

                      Moderator: Clara Haskell Botstein

3:15 PM         How Can We Expand the Education of Citizens to a Wider Public?

                      Tabetha Ewing

                      Simone Brody

                      Andrew Baruch Watchel

                      Moderator: Jonathan Becker

5:00 PM         Is a College Education Important for Being a Good Citizen?

                      Danielle Allen

                      Moderator: Max Kenner

7:30 PM         Nilaja Sun, Performance of No Child