Student Health Services

How to remove a tick.
Care at the Bard College Student Health Service is based on a holistic approach to treating students. Our goal is to promote optimum physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well being through education, preventative and primary care.

We believe that health care is a partnership between
the student and the health care provider.

All students are eligible to be seen at Health Service, regardless of their insurance coverage.
LGBTQK friendly.


There are many resources available to assist with your decision to stop smoking. We offer nicotine replacement products and counseling at Health Service. Or you can get advice and free nicotine replacement products from New York State here.
Also check out the Quit Smoking Community or join their Facebook group for online support.


We are thrilled to announce that Belinda (Bel) Casivant, NP has joined our staff. She brings a wealth of expertise and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team.
Please note that for the remainder of the semester, evening clinics may be curtailed. Please call for an appointment or to check if we are open after 5pm. Thank you.

1. Bard Health Service and Your Insurance
      * Your basic assessment at the health service to consult with us about a problem is part of your college service and is not billed to your health insurance.  Your visit with us is confidential.
      * Your health insurance information is used when labs are sent out to LabCorp, or when medications are prescribed at the pharmacy.
      * Because we are not in charge of your insurance plan, we cannot guarantee whether or not the lab, pharmacy or insurance company might send information to your home address.
      * If you have concerns about information that may be sent to your home, it is your responsibility to speak directly with your insurance company to clarify their policy on confidentiality.
      * If this is a concern, we can help you find alternative ways for tests to be done to ensure your privacy.

2. Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs) and Testing:
Choosing to be sexually active means taking responsibility for protecting your body from pregnancy and STIs. Testing is only a part of taking care or yourself and does not replace using condoms and other barriers to reduce potential exposure to disease. Health Service follows the guidelines published by the CDC in terms of the frequency and type of testing we offer. Also, as there are incubation periods for all infections, i.e.; a period of time between exposure to disease and detection of disease via testing or symptoms, it is recommended that you wait at least 7 days after "risky sex" before you come in for testing (NB this does not apply to non-consensual sex.) 

3. Ticks and Lyme disease
It is getting to be that time of year again. The ticks are already out and will be as long as temperatures are >34'F. Please be aware! 


Location and Hours

We are located in Robbins House Annex on North Campus with Counseling Services.
We are in the first white building on the left as you head down Robbins Road towards Manor and the Fisher Center.
Find us on the campus map.

Phone: 845-758-7433
Fax: 845-758-7437
E-mail: healthservice@bard.edu

Monday- Thursday 9am- 7pm
Friday 9am-5pm 

Life Threatening Emergencies: 
Call 845-758-7777 (on campus) or 911 (off campus)

Contact Us!

Call us at (845) 758-7433 and we will get back to you today.

Students are seen by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment by calling (845) 758-7433.

After Hours Emergencies
On campus call ext. 7777, off campus dial 911, or go to Northern Dutchess Hospital Emergency Room

You must know what your current health insurance coverage is and bring a copy of your card to your appointment.

As of August 2015, we will be using LabCorp.