All students attending Bard College are required to have health insurance. The College provides comprehensive coverage through the CDPHP Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, administered by The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc.

Current information regarding this coverage, including a Summary of Benefits, claim forms, waiver information and links to CDPHP online resources can be found at the link below: 


There are many resources available to assist with your decision to stop smoking. We offer nicotine replacement products and counseling at Health Service. Or you can get advice and free nicotine replacement products from New York State here.
Also check out the Quit Smoking Community or join their Facebook group for online support.


Health Service is open Monday through Thursday 9am- 7pm, Friday 9am- 5pm by appointment.
Routine services will start Monday September 3rd, 2018.

Need to get to an appointment off campus? UBER and LYFT are now both available in the area, if you choose not to use a Zip car.
The CATS program is still available for mental health appointments.

Health Insurance Requirement

All students attending Bard College are required to have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in the College’s health insurance plan unless the student and/or parent/guardian applies and is approved for a waiver. A link to the online waiver request can be found by following the MyStudentMedical link above.

If a waiver not approved the student will be enrolled in the Bard College health insurance. The cost of the insurance will be reflected on the bill from Student Accountsl. This charge is separate from the Student Health Fee which all undergraduates have to pay, and which is billed by the semester. The Student Health Fee covers services rendered at Health Service's on-campus clinic, but not any medications which may be dispensed.

Bard/CDHP Student Accident and Sickness Insurance

  • There is a $100 deductible that must be met before the insurance benefits are payable. This deductible is waived for contraception. Students may receive bills, for example from LabCorp or an outside doctor even if the provider is in-network, and these need to be paid up to $100. Once the deductible has been met, coverage will be as described in the 2018-19 Summary of Benefits; most services are covered at 80% with the balance being the member's responsibility.
  • Students will be able to use the insurance card to obtain prescription medications at a pharmacy or via mail order with a co-pay as specified in the brochure once the deductible has been met. These medications are subject to the CDPHP formulary.
  • There is a $100 co-pay each time a student is seen in an emergency room. This may be in addition to the $100 deductible if that is the first time the student uses the insurance.
  • This plan covers physical therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture with some limitations.

Bard/CDPHP Resources

Links to Insurance Forms and Web Resources

  • Summary of Benefits 2018-19 - Click here to view the a summary of the 2017-18 policy.
  • Provider Look-up - Click here to find a provider using the CDPHP provider search. Scroll to bottom of the page.
  • Claim Form - Click here to download a CDPHP claim form
  • Claims Status - Click here to check on the status of a submitted claim. You will need to register as a CDPHP member to access this service.

What if I waive the Bard insurance?

If you waived the Bard College Health Insurance VIEW MORE >>