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"The Cambridge Companion to the Bible was a remarkable contribution when it was first released in 1997, which only makes the achievements of this thoroughly updated Second Edition all the more impressive."
--Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town

“This resource book offered by Cambridge University Press is a rich, accessible, and reliable reference.”
--Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Sem

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Written by an international team of experts, The Cambridge Companion to the Bible, second edition provides in-depth information and analysis on the canonical writings of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, as well as the apocryphal
works produced by Jewish and Christian writers. Throughout, the book offers an expanded focus on the ever-changing social and cultural worlds in which the biblical authors and their original readers lived. Bruce Chilton served as the
general editor of the second edition, synthesizing revisions from the authors, information on the most recent archaeological discoveries, and the new secondary literature. Improvements to the look of the book include 107 stunning new photographs, a new color section, and nine newly created maps (for a total of 21). In addition, all of the 250 sidebars have been updated, and 22 of them are new to this edition, collectively illuminating the book’s main narrative. The result is indispensable resource for anyone interested in fully encountering the Bible and its world.

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1The concept of God’s people; Bibliographic essay; Part I. The Old Testament World: 1. The world of the ancestors; 2. The world of Israel's 'historians'; 3. The world of Israel’s prophets; 4. The world of Israel’s worship; 5. The world of Israel’s sages and poets; 6. The world of apocalyptic; Bibliographical essay; Part II. Jewish Responses to Greco-Roman Culture: 1. Preservation and adaptation: the encounter with Hellenism; 2. Antiochus IV and the Maccabean Crisis; 3. Roman invasion and Jewish response; 4. Herod the Great; 5. Herod’s heirs; 6. Roman rule in the first century C.E.; 7. Mid-first-century crises; 8. The Jewish world after the fall of Jerusalem; Bibliographical essay; Part III. The Formation of the Christian Community: 1. Jesus and the covenant; 2. Paul: the Jesus movement in the Roman world; 3. Christianity responds to formative Judaism; 4. Christianity responds to Roman culture and imperial policy; 5. Diversity in the church; 6. Attempts to unify faith and practice; Bibliographical essay.

2007 / 788 pp.

978-0-521-86997-3 / Hardback / $100.00 / Disc.: $80.00
978-0-521-69140-6 / Paperback / $ 34.99 / Disc.: $27.99

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