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What we in the Institute of Advanced Theology call our Advent Series of lectures is usually completed prior to end of the Advent season, but I am glad that we keep our reference to the most hopeful time of the Christian calendar. . . (continued)

A detailed schedule for the three-day conference, The Golden Rule in the Religions of the World, has just been posted. There is no charge to attend, but reservations are requested. (details)

Let us know if there are any topics of interest you would like to share or, indeed, hear more about in this format. Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to iat@bard.edu.

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(Click here for some images from 2007 events)

  • Immaculate Conception/Divinity of God

  • Study of a portion of The King James Bible (from the Old Testament) following it through history - from translation of the earliest of the written documents to The King James version, looking at countries, politics, and the state of the world as each emerged. [Perhaps the same for The New Testament although Bruce's work on the prophetic tradition was certainly of a similar cloth.]

  • The history of Jesus figures, i.e. The Green Man and/or Sumarian and other historical views of a prophet/a divine across ancient religions.

  • The roles of the women in the Bible, tracing their stories.

  • Something on The Song of Songs.
"Teachings and Sacraments of the Divine Feminine," a three-day seminar in Guelph, Canada Explore and experience the gifts of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary with scholars and experts in this wisdom. (details)

For those of you who are interested in viewing the 2008 Trinity conference, you may do so via your computer and logging on to their website. Or, if you prefer, the IAT has arranged to have this broadcast at the College, at the request of IAT member, Betsy Hamilton. (more )


The Institute is pleased to present a discussion and book signing in honor of volumes edited by our own Bruce Chilton and Jacob Neusner. On Tuesday, February 5, (snow date February 12), we'll celebrate the publication of Professor Neusner's Encyclopedia of Religious and Philosophical Writings in Late Antiquity and Professor Chilton's The Cambridge Companion to the Bible. (more)


This spring the Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton offers a series of lectures on the topic, "Prophecy, Social Justice, and the Vision of God." These will meet on Wednesdays, February 13 through March 12. (more)

The Golden Rule in the
Religions of the World
Spring 2008 IAT Conference
This spring the Institute offers a three-day conference exploring the way the Golden Rule is interpreted in world religions. Organized by Professors Chilton and Neusner, the conference is begins on Tuesday, April 15, through Thursday, April 17.(more)



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