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together religious leaders, believers,
and those who are simply curious,
in a shared enterprise of enlightened learning.
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Again, many thanks to all of you, for your support and participation in the programs of the Institute.

Please let us know if you'd be interested in volunteering for either the Institute or the Center for the Study of James the Brother.

At this time we'd like to thank those members and friends who have volunteered their time and devoted efforts during the past year,
including Ginnie and Norman Cavaliere, Robert Cohen, Fred Cartier, Brendon McCrane, David and Peter Smith, Charles Surber, and Cathryne Zemann. Members of the Bard community who have helped in so many ways to provide wonderful functions for everyone, include Theresa Desmond, Martha Goldstein, Marshall Guthrie, Juliet Meyers, Michael Nicolas, Heidi Simmons, Mary Strieder, and Alan Wolfzahn, among many others. The Institute would also like to acknowledge the continued and generous support of Frank and Helene Crohn for programs of the Institute.

Thank you!

With review of some photos from 2007, we send you continued best wishes for the holidays and new year.


Images fromthe 2007 fall lecture series, "Religions and Politics"

Photos: Fred Cartier, The Services.

images from the inaugural 'standing-room only' lecture by Sean Freyne for the Center for the Study of James the Brother.

Photos: Fred Cartier, The Services