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From Mirabai of Woodstock, mirabai@tunedinweb.com

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another magical season of wonder this summer here at Mirabai.  We’ll be featuring a host of new teachers this season along with our venerable continuing faculty.   A special focus this season will be on self examination as we delve into the writings of Byron Katie (The Work), A.H. Almaas (the Diamond Approach), Derek O’Neill (More Truth Will Set You Free) and Jason Shulman (Kabbalistic Healing).  

We’ll also be exploring our astrological charts in relation to our family relationships, our body’s subconscious language, our sprit and animal guides, our souls, our living spaces – even our facial characteristics.  So what are you waiting for?  Come to Mirabai this summer and walk away with a new consciousness and sense of purpose.  Full descriptions for all of these happenings can be found at www.mirabai.com and click on the Workshops tab to find out more.

Attached is the schedule in the form of a Word document you can save and print out, but you can also visit us online at www.mirabai.com to access information about our workshops and instructors, or stop by the information center in our store.  When you find a workshop that interests you, simply give us a call at (845) 679-2100 to pre-register and reserve a place – we’re there from 11 to 7 each day to take your payment information and register you.  Keep in mind that many of our workshops have sold out in past seasons, so remember to register early!


Thanks again to all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm for this special place called Mirabai.

Warmest wishes and blessings,

Jeff and Audrey

Mirabai of Woodstock -- 23 Mill Hill Road – Woodstock, NY  12498


The Mirabai Workshop Series

Summer 2008



Welcome to Mirabai’s current workshop schedule for Summer 2008!  Here are some things you should keep in mind as you make your choices.    First, as space is limited for all of our workshops, we strongly urge you to register in advance.  There are two benefits to this:   1. You’re assured a place in the workshop if pre-paying with check, cash or credit card and 2. Most of our workshops usually offer a discount for early registration (see each workshop description for exact fee schedule). 


Unless otherwise noted, registrants may cancel any time up to 48 hours before the scheduled workshop and your money will be refunded.  We regret that no refunds can be granted after that time. 



Thursday, May 22



Opening the Heart Chakra With Sacred Geometry

A workshop with Deb Walker


The Prema Agni symbol is a form of sacred geometry that has recently been brought back to the planet to open the heart chakra.   In this workshop you will learn how to draw and use Prema Agni in your daily life.  You will also experience teachings from ascended masters, experience deep guided meditations and feel the powerful healing energies that will help you release old programming and unwanted karma. 

Cost: $15 if registered and prepaid by May. 20th; $20 if registering after the 20th.


Tuesday, May 27 (Part 1) & May 28 (Part 2)



Reiki I Certification

A 2-part Reiki training class with Lorry Salluzzi


Don't just experience Reiki but become a Reiki I Practitioner so you can share the energy with your family, friends, pets and add positive energy to the Universe!  With this certification to Reiki I you can expect to help others heal while you help yourself, become more intuitive, and understand the art of "Stress Management and Reiki."   The training and certification you will receive at the completion of this course is well respected among the Reiki community.  Please note 6pm start time.


Cost: $70 if registered and prepaid by May 25th; $80 if registering after the 25th. 

Saturday, May 31



The Karmic Lessons of Family Relationships

An astrology workshop with Alexander Mallon


An astrological experiential presentation will demonstrate how and why we are “astro-genetically”bonded to our family. Each participant will have their astrological birth chart interpreted to reveal their personal family story. The spiritual and psychological imprinting upon the native will be discussed, and its connections to powerful lessons which we can learn. Herein, the end goal is to understand our individual and collective soul’s wisdom.  Alexander will provide an astrological chart to those who pre-register at least 48 hours in advance.


Cost: $15 if registered and prepaid by May 29th; $20 if registering after the 29th.


Tuesday, June 3   (and the first Tuesday of every month)

12-6pm (by appointment)  


Spirit Readings with Psychic Medium Adam Bernstein


Intuitive guidance for spiritually-minded individuals.  Receive messages from Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones and benefit from the divine wisdom they have to offer.  Receive practical solutions for real life problems and learn how you can use your own Spirits' guidance to master the art of living.  Please call the store for appointment times.


Cost: $75 for one hour readings; $40 for half hour readings.


Friday, June 6



The Work of Byron Katie

A workshop with facilitator Jeanette Stephens


"My partner doesn't appreciate me." "The world is a dangerous place." "I need more money" "I'm too fat."  Thoughts like these may run through our minds many times a day, fostering fear, anger, stress, and depression. How different would your life be if these thoughts never bothered you again? The Work of Byron Katie is a process that clears the mind. It is a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause all suffering within us and violence in the world. The Work is simply four questions and a turnaround, which is a way of experiencing the opposite of what you believe. It is so simple and anyone can do it. This process works. It is radical and life-changing. Come experience the power of The Work.


Cost: $15 if registered and prepaid by June 4th; $20 if registering after the 4th. 


Monday, June 9



The Journey of Remembrance:  An Exploration of Prayer & Meditation

A workshop with Sister Kala Iyengar of Peace Village


'Remembrance' is probably the most basic and natural skill of the human mind. It is also the most powerful key to getting in touch with anyone, especially when separated by physical distance. It is no wonder that the practice of remembering God is ageless and eternal. Most of us have remembered God in different forms at different times in our life. How can we make this remembrance more relevant and rewarding for our times? With some practice, remembrance of God can be experienced as a journey we

undertake with a guided path and a clear destination.  This retreat will throw light on the intricacies of the intention, the awareness, and the attainments of remembrance as experienced through non-denominational prayer and meditation. Participants do not need to be regular practitioners of prayer or meditation, but should be inclined to deepen their relationship with God.  Please come prepared for experiencing the 'Presence' in silence, writing with a focus, and sharing with like-minded seekers.

Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by June 7th; $20 if registering after the 7th.


Saturday, June 14



Basic Intro to Morphology, the Ancient Art of Face Reading

A workshop with John and Donna Carroll


The art of face reading, morphology, dates back over 500 years.  Morphology is a science that is used as a diagnostic tool in France, Russia and China.  It is a way of reading the face – the four profiles and the 12 front faces in the western world that helps one understand your own personality and temperament, strengths, weaknesses and tendencies toward certain illnesses and dietary needs.  See the connection to Morphology in the Old Testament Ezekiel, the Egyptian Sphinx and the New Testament.  Come and join John and Donna for a brief intro to this ancient art.  See the face of God in every human being and be less judgmental.


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by June 12th; $20 if registering after the 12th.


Friday, June 20



Summer Solstice Weed Walk

A walking workshop with Susun Weed


Hands-on help for a healthy summer.  We’ll find plants that act as sunscreens, bite soothers, insect repellants, muscle-ache soothers, itch relievers and much more.  Bring your curiosity and your questions.  Please note 6pm start time.  The solstice will be upon us as we conclude our walk this evening at 7:59pm.  


Cost: $25 if registered and prepaid by June 18th; $30 if registering after the 18th.


Tuesday, June 24


Evening of Clairvoyant Channeling

Clairvoyant counseling with Rev. Betsy Stang


In this special evening of clairvoyant channeling, we will meet to explore how we can manifest our dreams in this new and challenging time.  Sometimes we come to a place where we need to listen to our higher selves, but alone, we cannot often silence our doubts enough to hear.  If you carry a dream for transformation and healing deep within your heart, now is the time to listen to your inner wisdom. Bring your questions, your dreams and your sense of humor.  Betsy acts as a facilitator for that process. Her deep listening and validation of the voices our true spirit knows can give us the strength and affirmations to move ahead in alignment with our souls unfolding.   This is a letter in a bottle.  If you are called to come, this time will serve you


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by June 22nd; $20 if registering after the 22nd.

Sunday, June 29



Let Your Pendulum Be Your Guide

A workshop with Bente Hansen


Dowsing is an ancient form of divination, and can be used to find answers to many questions about life. The pendulum is a commonly used dowsing tool, yet often people find they lack confidence in their use of the pendulum. Often answers are contradictory or nonsensical. In this class you will learn how to clear the pendulum so that it becomes responsive to your requests/commands; ensure the pendulum provides answers that are clear; use the pendulum to determine most suitable/preferable options in lifestyle factors; clear your energies of negativity; understand the pendulum's responses; and become concise in your questioning techniques.  Join us for an afternoon of fun and learning! This class is highly interactive. You will find many of your questions about pendulum uses answered, and leave feeling more confident about your ability to dowse accurately!


Cost: $15 if registered and prepaid by June 27th; $20 if registering after the 27th.


Tuesday, July 8



Spirit Communication and the Laws of Attraction:  The Art of Beckoning

A Channeled Experiential Workshop with Adam Bernstein


Join me, and your Spirit Guides to learn the truth about a powerful universal principle we call "The Laws of Attraction".  Discover why there's more to it than "what you think you get" yet the simplicity of it is so surreal that most  people totally miss out.  By properly using the true Laws of Attraction (with your Spirits' powerful guidance) not only can you have anything in the world that you desire; you will, over time, heal yourself of all physical, emotional and psychological dis-ease, and live a more spiritual life as a result.  This is "Law".  Some participants may receive brief, attraction based messages from Spirit time permitting.


Cost: $15 if registered and prepaid by July 6th; $20 if registering after the 6th.


Saturday, July 12



Of Serpents, Jaguars & the Archetypes of Ayni

A shamanic workshop with Sky Taylor


Shamanic Spirituality is a path of reciprocity and respect, the Path of Ayni. Spirit Animals and Luminous Beings, who are the archetypes of our own sacred pathways, guide us and show us the “Bee line” home.  With their help we can come into sacred alignment and connect to the Flower of Life.


Cost: $15 if registered and prepaid by July 10th; $20 if registering after the 10th.


Friday, July 18



Kabbalistic Healing

A workshop with Carol Hornig

Kabbalistic Healing is a world view as well as a hands on healing method. Tonight we will explore from a Kabbalistic Healing standpoint the suffering that is an inevitable part of living in a dualistic world and the

suffering that we create ourselves. The good news is that healing is available in any moment.  Come explore this effective and exciting pathway to freedom. The evening will include teachings, discussion, and meditation.


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by July 16th; $20 if registering after the 16th.


Tuesday, July 22



Qigong for Balancing the Emotions, Bringing Peace to the Mind & Relieving Depression

A workshop with Cassia Berman


The basics of Qigong align the body in the comfortable way it was designed to be lived in, relax the breathing, and focus the mind on specific acu-points that calm the mind and open the circulation of energy in your body. Practicing them, and learning to live in a Qigong way, easily brings balance, peace of mind, and relief of many chronic conditions. In this workshop, you will learn simple techniques that you can do any time, anywhere, to balance the emotions and feel wonderful, relaxed, and more alive.


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by July 20th; $20 if registering after the 20th.


Sunday, July 27



Sound Healing and the Science of Bioluminescence

A workshop with With Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.


Dr. John Beaulieu will present a lecture workshop on Fibonacci tuning forks and their relationship to altered states of consciousness and the science of bioluminescence. Special emphasis will be given to  working with depression and the core brain system using sound to assist in the healing process of addictions and trauma. Discussions will center around nitric oxide research related to fireflies, inner light, and sound. Everyone in class will experience and learn how to use Fibonacci tuning forks.  


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by July 25th; $20 if registering after the 25th.


Thursday, July 31



Lughnasad:  The First Harvest

A talk & ritual with Druid Priest Bryan Perrin


Learn about the Celtic holiday of Lughnasad, named in honor of the God Lugh. This is the time of first harvest, of overcoming obstacles and prospering.  Bryan will shed some light on this shadowy Solar God with Irish myths and stories and Welsh tales. A Druidic ritual to honor the season and Lugh will follow the talk.


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by July 29th; $20 if registering after the 29th.


Monday, August 4



Intro to the Diamond Approach

A workshop with Jan Jack and Gary Heller


This workshop is an introduction to the writings of A.H. Almaas. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali who has brought into the world the contemporary spiritual path, The Diamond Approach. The

workshop includes a primer on Almaas’ work, a meditation, an opportunity for questions and answers, and an experiential exercise to help the participants gain a deeper and more direct understanding of the material.


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by Aug. 2nd; $20 if registering after the 2nd.


Saturday, August 9



The Complete Path of Light

An experiential workshop with Rand Jameson Shields


Come learn the glorious changes that will happen to your Soul as you near the completion of your journey back to the sacred realm we know as Heaven, Moksha, and Nirvana!  You will learn and receive ascendancy initiations from the lost teachings known as the HeavenWork.  This soul process was taught to Rand directly by the Light when he died as a child in 1962. The HeavenWork teaches you how to live every moment of your life directly from your Soul, just as you intended before you entered body.  Every Soul attending will be changed permanently and drawn closer to Heaven. You do not need to prepare for this special evening of joy and sacred change.

Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by Aug. 7th; $20 if registering after the 7th.


Thursday, August 14


Creating Harmony, Living in Abundance:  An Intro to Feng Shui

A workshop with Betsy Stang


Feng Shui is an ancient practice to harmonize our right relationship in the world and increase our opportunities to create abundance and well being. In this workshop we will learn how to bring harmony and abundance into our homes and workplaces. It is a powerful tool in strengthening positive influences and reversing negativity in an environment, for the purpose of positive living. Betsy is a certified practitioner of The Pyramid School of Feng Shui, an integrated approach to assess how an individual experiences their environment.


Cost:  $15 if registered and prepaid by Aug. 12th; $20 if registering after the 12th.


Saturday, August 23



What You Always Wanted to Know About Your Pet, But Were Afraid to Ask

Individual sessions with animal communicator Susan Kerr


Do you wonder if your pet has a special issue or a problem?  Is there a burning question you have always wanted to ask your pet?  Nationally known pet psychic, Susan Kerr will be here to talk to your animal to see what they’ve got to say!  As we expect a large turnout and have limited space, please do not bring your pet.  Susan who communicates telepathically will tune in to your pet from afar.  Just bring a photo of your animal companion and a question you wish to ask him or her.  Susan will get the answers.


Cost:  $10 per question.  3 question limit per person.  No appointment necessary.