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At the core of the Institute are plans for a graduate program for mature students who have a solid background in theology and religion as teachers, scholars, or ministers. Advanced degrees will be tailored to meet the needs of individual students.

The Institute is not in competition with denominational seminaries; rather, the curriculum attempts to discover a common language of comparison and explore neglected aspects of religious thought. The Institute’s goal is to enhance the student’s professional competence to develop into a new kind of theologian–an expert in his or her field who is dedicated to open dialogue and scholarship.

It is anticipated that a doctor of ministry degree and a master’s degree will be offered to experienced pastors and those who desire to broaden their knowledge in order to make practical contributions to interreligious scholarly dialogue. In this rigorous, interdisciplinary program of study, the emphasis is placed on developing clear communicative and expository skills, as well as analytic expertise.

Chapel of the Holy Innocents (1857). Gift of John Bard, founder of St. Stephen’s College. Photo by Tania Barricklo.


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