Bard Abroad in Berlin, Germany

Summer Studio

Summer Studio

Berlin Summer Studio

Get an insider’s view of Berlin’s vibrant art world through a unique course which features a different theme each summer.

Summer 2018: Memory and Material

Berlin is a simultaneously old and young city that is re-inventing itself.  It's a metropolis at once burdened with the weight of its own past and enlivened by the mystery of what it will become.  Berlin is also a city in which a myriad of narratives reflect the diverse cultures that impact it. In this course, Memory and Material, the city of Berlin, along with its community of artists, will offer a rich platform to explore and question how the languages of form, material and light speak to multiple storylines.


Studio Work

Students will use a range of direct and portable media such as drawing, assemblage sculpture, experimental photography (cyanotype, salt print) and bookmaking. Weekly field trips and discussion groups, as well as visits to artists’ studios will provide context and fodder for new works of art.


Berlin Biennale 2018