Bard Abroad in Berlin, Germany

Summer Studio

Summer Studio

Berlin Summer Studio

Get an insider’s view of Berlin’s vibrant art world through a unique course which features a different theme each summer.

Summer 2019: Colorama

"Big Bend", 2018, Ken Buhler, watercolor
Berlin has a culture and history of visual color ranging from famous art collections to vibrant street life.  This is a city of museums where important historical works of art can be admired and studied. But the present is just as alive in its many contemporary galleries, artist studios and vibrant graffiti. As the last outpost of the wildly influential Bauhaus movement, Berlin partakes in the story of the great color study pioneers, Johannes Itten and Joseph Albers, who left an important legacy for future generations of artists. It is with this Bauhaus tradition, that Colorama, the summer 2019 Bard in Berlin program, begins.

"Big Bend", 2018, Ken Buhler, watercolor, 42" x 32"


Studio Work

After, After, John Kleckner, 2017, mixed media on canvas
Students will be able to explore their focus on color in a variety of mediums that include painting, collage, and printmaking.  In the color interaction studies, Color-Aid paper and paint will be utilized.  Special technical workshops will be given each week and will include, paper marbling, linoleum cuts, and printing without a press. Emphasis will be placed on exploring mediums that promote a broader material vocabulary of color interactions - suitable to be used alone or in combination with each other. Weekly field trips to museums, as well as visits to artists’ studios will contextualize the focus on various characteristics of color and offer inspiration for more personal expression.

After, After, John Kleckner, 2017, mixed media on canvas, 73" x 42"