Bard in Berlin

Bard in Berlin

New Semester Program!

Arts and Society in Berlin

Explore one of the world's most exciting experimental space in which the arts collide head on with history and politic.

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Summer Theater Intensive in Berlin
Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge theater, performance and culture of Berlin!

German Summer Language Intensive
Learn German while exploring this historic & culturally rich city.

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NEW!  Arts and Society at Bard College Berlin

Spend a semester or a year exploring the world’s most exciting experimental space--the city of Berlin. Combine critical theory with studio practice and internships. Examine the role of art in society.

"Avenues for creative experimentation seem endless and our discussions range from casting techniques to the role of memory in art consumption. When I asked (instructor John VonBergen) if the class was structured around art history and theory or practice, he replied, ‘We are artists. We are given freedom to make our own decisions about artistic execution,personal artist statements, and the installation of shows.'”
Die Bärliner – Student Blog

The program is based in artistic practice, including studio arts, performance, media, and the interplay among them. History and theory courses take an interdisciplinary approach to draw upon the wealth of Berlin's museums, monuments, galleries, performances, and nontraditional venues.

Art and Society

The curriculum explores such issues as:
• the nature of performance
• transparency and privacy
• visual culture in the digital age
• ethics, aesthetics, and consumption
• political identity and urban landscapes.

Students develop the capacity to recognize,and respond to the role of the arts incontemporary society. Through intensereading, writing, creating, and critiquing,students build the vocabulary and skills to useart practice as a tool for engagement with issues of social justice and human rights.

Site and Scene students may enroll in courses from throughout the curriculum.

Featured Courses for Spring 2016
(v=off-campus site visits, p=practicing arts)

  • Berlin: Experiment in Modernity (v):  An interdisciplinary examination of Berlin's place in modern history with regular site visits
  • Curatorial Practice (v):  Analysis of current exhibitions through site visits and conversations with curators and collectors
  • Advanced Studio Practice (v, p):  Individual studio space, group critiques, and meetings with practicing artists
  • City for Citizens: Participation,Inequality and Social Change (v):  Addresses ethnicity, inequality, race, gender, communication and civil action in the city.
  • Experiments in Documentary (v,p): Hands-on, historical, critical, and creative investigations of experimental documentary film
  • Berlin Internship Seminar (v,p):  Organizational and socio-economic dynamics of Berlin's arts and NGO sectors, focusing on:
                                 -Publishing and media
                                 -Visual Arts: assistantships, gallery work
                                 -Education and youth
                                 -Human rights
                                 -Population and migration

Experience Berlin

Berlin is the world's most exciting experimental space in which the arts collide head on with history and politics. With its conflicted past, central role in European and global economics and politics, and openness to artists and intellectuals, Berlin is a living classroom in which to explore and exploit the role of art in social change.

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