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Olivia Winn

Olivia Winn '10

“I came out of BHSEC feeling much more confident in my own abilities, feeing like I had been given the tools to do whatever I wanted” VIEW MORE >>
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Visitors to Bard Early Colleges frequently comment that all schools should be like these schools and that Bard College is changing the high school landscape. In order to provide a high-quality, tuition-free college education for high school–age students, Bard Early Colleges require sustained private resources in addition to what is received from Bard's public partners.

Why Give?

To provide the small classes and hire the excellent college faculty that make the Bard Early College model so outstanding and successful costs money—more than our public partners provide. The college textbooks, science labs, libraries, tutoring, and college counseling services available to our early college students also require additional resources. Bard College and supporters of its early college schools (parents, alumni, foundations, and individuals) need to raise funds to sustain the Bard Early College model, now and into the future.

Our model works: our students are highly engaged in their studies, complete up to two years of college during high school at no cost to them, and find that they are "more than prepared" for the rigors of advanced college work. Under the auspices of Bard College and with the support of our funding partners, the Bard Early Colleges have become a national model for improving high school achievement, college preparedness, college access, and college success.   

We ask you to contribute today to help sustain this successful educational enterprise that is preparing the leaders of tomorrow. To continue transforming the secondary school landscape, we need partners who are committed to pioneering the reform of our education system.