Institutional Review Board: IRB RENEWAL Form

Please note:  You will receive a response about the status of your proposal approximately three weeks after submission. Please be sure to e-mail all attachments and supplemental materials to

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I have read the Bard IRB policy on the treatment of human research participants. I will comply with the informed consent requirement, and I will inform the IRB if significant changes are made in the proposed study. I certify that all of the information contained in this proposal is truthful.

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Contact the IRB

IRB Members

Here are seven representatives on Bard's Institutional Review board:
six faculty from the College plus one community representative.
Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions about the IRB process.
  • Tabetha Ewing
  • Peter Klein
  • Gautam Sethi
  • Simeen Sattar (chair,
  • Georganna Ulary (community representative)
  • Peter Gadsby (administrative representative)
If you have questions about your proposal, contact the IRB chair.