Bard Email Lists & Usage Policy
Effective August 31, 2015

As a service to the Bard College community, several e-mail based mass mailing lists have been created. These are designed to facilitate the timely and cost-effective distribution of information to the campus community. Each is described below, followed by general rules for using these lists.  SEE FULL POLICY HERE.


To imaginatively apply emerging technologies to advance learning, scholarship, research, artistry and public discourse.

In order to move the varied work of the college forward, we must ensure that:

  • users in classrooms and offices, gathering and performance spaces receive support and training that is timely and thorough; and both reflects and advances pedagogy;
  • the infrastructure of network services and systems is powerful, reliable, secure and sustainable;
  • the college’s web presence is lively, and that resources on our web sites are easy to find and easy to use;
  • data is secure, comprehensive, and made useful by turning it into campus intelligence in support of strategic decision making;
  • we anticipate considerable change in skills and specializations necessary to an evolving technology environment by expanding professional development opportunities;
  • we continually seek opportunities such as outsourcing, collaborative purchasing and other partnerships that extend available resources;
  • we actively represent the efforts and ambitions of the IT organization to various campus constituencies so that they are widely understood and enthusiastically supported.
  • we are recognized as an active and open source of general knowledge and special expertise concerning ways of using technology to accomplish the college’s academic work and the daily administration of the campus.  


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BARD Email Lists and Usage Policy / Effective August 31, 2015

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As a service to the Bard College community, several e-mail based mass mailing lists have been created. These are designed […]

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