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Weeklong Workshops

Writing and Thinking

July 6 – July 11, 2014

This workshop provides a retreat where participants reflect on the way they teach writing and are introduced to the Institute’s basic writing practices. Teachers meet in groups of 12 to 15 for a series of seven 90- and 120-minute sessions, in which they explore their values and concerns as writers and teachers. The sessions focus on such topics as invention strategies, coaching the writing process, and revision.Because teachers often work alone, without the support of a vital learning community, and often have little opportunity to write, in or out of the classroom, the workshop is communal and collaborative. Teachers write together, exchange ideas, and respond to one another’s works. Through these activities they become more aware of the composing process and of their students’ struggles to acquire the ability to produce expressive, well‑developed, and engaged writing. This workshop is for secondary and college teachers of language arts, English, and composition. Teachers of all subjects who want to understand how writing generates thinking are also invited to participate.

Workshop fee: $1200.00. The fee includes tuition and a single-occupancy dorm room on the Bard College campus, meals (beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with Saturday breakfast), and materials. The commuter fee is $900.00.