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Writing to Learn

July 12 – July 17, 2015

This workshop presents writing strategies that help students gain a better understanding of complex ideas, historical documents, literary texts, and mathematical problems. These writing practices, which can be used in the classroom or homework assignments, support close reading of documents and literary texts; allow students to make personal connections to people, places, and events they study; and encourage students to learn from one another. Working together on pertinent texts, teachers experiment with the use of student journals and classroom writing assignments to stimulate engagement with the language, ideas, and issues relevant to the subjects they teach. This workshop focuses on ways to use writing to develop understanding of a text, a first step in creating finished literary essays, critical analysis, or research papers. Participants also explore how writing-to-learn practices invite us to reconsider how we teach—to explore how the academic lecture, collaborative learning, and the act of listening exist in relation to one another and to writing.

Workshop fee: $1,450.00. The fee includes tuition and a single-occupancy dorm room on the Bard College campus, meals (beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with Saturday breakfast), and materials. The commuter fee is $1,150.00.