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Workshop is filled/accepting registrations on a waiting list only basis. Shame and Shaming: Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

November 1, 2013

The Metamorphosis and The Bluest Eye are novels that grow out of vastly different cultures, and are written in very different literary styles. And yet they might be seen as exploring similar emotional realities when it comes to issues of shame and shaming. Kafka and Morrison both enter the cultural and personal experience of sensitive individuals forced to come to terms with their place in an environment that, for various reasons, rejects them. This workshop focuses on conversations about the novels in light of the following questions: What are the implications of viewing Gregor and Percola as up against similar constraints? How do the two novels differ in their psychological/cultural analyses? How do the family structures in each novel both reflect and differ from each other? What can we learn from the different conclusions about culture and human emotion that each writer draws? How do the aesthetic choices each author makes affect meaning? How can we help students find personal, cultural, and theoretical meaning from these texts and the similarities and differences between them?

Texts: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison (Vintage, reprint edition, 2007); Metamorphosis and Other Stories by Franz Kafka, trans. Michael Hoffman (Penguin Classics, 2008)

Workshop fee: $200 (includes morning coffee, lunch, and 
workshop materials)