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Weeklong Workshops

Applying the Practices

July 12 – July 17, 2015

As workshop participants, secondary and college teachers of all disciplines immerse themselves in a range of writing-to-learn exercises that sharpen their reading of literary, historical, and scientific texts; deepen the discussions they have with each other; and illuminate new approaches to teaching their subject. Teachers see the potential of these practices to improve student writing, thinking, and learning and look forward to bringing them back to their classrooms. But they also leave the workshop with questions about application: How do I sequence several writing practices—such as focused free writing, double-entry notebooks, believing and doubting—around a text or group of texts? How can a set of integrated writing–based lessons make room for lecture, small group work, quizzes? What happens if I do not have students read their writing in class; should I assign writing as homework? How can I align the writing practices with discrete skills building, course objectives, or the goals of the Common Core?

 This workshop addresses the challenge teachers face when they return to their classrooms seeking to implement the Institute’s writing practices. The workshop considers how IWT writing strategies foster different ways of thinking about a text, an idea, or historical events, and how they support student learning. Workshop sessions offer opportunities to create, model, and critique lesson plans designed to coordinate particular pedagogical objectives with specific writing-to-learn practices. Workshop participants also explore how best to develop lesson plans that support the goals of the Common Core through writing-to-learn and writing-to-read strategies in language arts, social studies/history, and science. The workshop is led by Institute faculty associates who have broad experience in teaching and in writing. Prerequisite for participation in this workshop is prior participation in an Institute weeklong workshop.

Workshop fee: $1,450.00. The fee includes tuition and a single-occupancy dorm room on the Bard College campus, meals (beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with Saturday breakfast), and materials. The commuter fee is $1,150.00.