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Teaching the Academic Paper WAITLIST ONLY

July 12 – July 17, 2015

This workshop extends and deepens a conversation begun at an April Conference, “Great Expectations: Revisioning the Academic Paper.” At that conference, an interdisciplinary group of secondary and college teachers identified good writing in different academic disciplines, and explored how best to teach thoughtful writing, in specific fields and across the board. While we can all recognize good academic writing, especially in our own disciplines, it is more difficult to establish reasonable and professionally responsible standards for students’ academic papers. This workshop helps to bridge that gap. Because teachers can learn from each other across disciplines, we especially invite secondary and college teachers from all academic fields to participate. The workshop redefines academic writing and offers methods for teaching students how to use sources, pose key questions, and make personal connections to the topic or text. The workshop consists of reading academic papers, writing in response to sources (texts, data, images) in our own disciplines, and sharing ideas about what high school and college students need to learn.

Workshop fee: $1,450.00. The fee includes tuition and a single-occupancy dorm room on the Bard College campus, meals (beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with Saturday breakfast), and materials. The commuter fee is $1,150.00.