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The Sonnet: Shakespeare, Contemporary Sonneteers, and the Development of Form

November 1, 2013

This workshop will explore the development and malleability of poetic form by considering the sonnets of William Shakespeare alongside the sonnets of contemporary poets such as Bernadette Mayer, Wanda Coleman, Marilyn Hacker, Laynie Browne, and Ted Berrigan. We will ask questions such as: What are some of the key variables of the sonnet form that repeat and change in each of these contemporary incarnations? How does the historical moment of writing influence the form? How is our reading of Shakespeare’s sonnets informed by our 21st century perspective? This workshop will focus on showing how to promote student analysis and how to help students take on challenging texts that will deepen their knowledge both of historical and contemporary sonnets.

Texts: William Shakespeare’s Sonnets (any edition); other sonnets will be provided.

Workshop fee: $200 (includes morning coffee, lunch, and 
workshop materials)