Disability Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of accommodations are offered to students with special needs?
Accommodation plans are developed on an individual basis, using provided documentation as a guide. Some common accommodations are extended time on exams (the standard is 50% more time, but double-time can be approved if specifically indicated), a distraction-free testing location, and permission to use a laptop computer for all writing. The accommodations are directly connected to the functional impact of the disability. What may be appropriate for one student may not be appropriate for another, even if they carry the same diagnosis.

Does Disability Support Services facilitate communication of the student's disability needs to each professor? If so, what types of supportive communication are provided from the office in the event that a professor is uncooperative in providing accommodations?
Once the student and the Coordinator have developed an accommodation plan, the Coordinator provides letters for the student to deliver to faculty that outline the accommodations. The specific disability is unnamed. It is the responsibility of the student to deliver the letters in a timely fashion and discuss the details of how those accommodations will be met in that course. It is up to the student if he or she wishes to disclose the nature of the disability to faculty at that time. If the student feels as if he or she is not receiving accommodations or feels that the accommodation plan is not working, the Coordinator will help facilitate a resolution. The Coordinator is always available to help arrange logistics concerning accommodated testing.

What procedure must a student follow to obtain alternative testing, such as extended time or the use of a computer?
If a student requests extended time or permission to use a computer for exams, he or she must provide documentation from a professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, or MD) that shows the need for these specific accommodations. If qualified, the student will receive letters from the Coordinator that the student can deliver to faculty. This must be done in advance of exams because accommodations can take time to arrange.

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