English Language Program

Courses and Workshops


BLC 107: Intensive ESL
(4 credits; 2-semester sequence) A liberal arts education is designed to engage people across a variety of disciplines in order to teach thinking skills and associative skills; however, if students have never encountered this type of educational environment before, this broad definition can hinder meaningful engagement in academic courses. This yearlong class is designed to give incoming international students an overview of the liberal arts experience through exploring some of the fields of study Bard has to offer. Through this investigation, students will develop the academic and study skills needed to survive this challenging academic environment. An emphasis on reading and writing will provide opportunities for students to develop vocabulary, improve grammar and strengthen their grasp of the written language. Permission of the instructor is required. 

BLC 110: Grammar for Writers
(4 credits) This writing-intensive class examines issues of grammar, usage, and style, with an emphasis on their application to academic writing. Special attention will be given to problems created by language transfer issues and to the particularities of English. Smaller class size, interactive exercises, and individual conferences will help students develop a clearer and more sophisticated expression in their writing. Students may sign up for this class online but must meet with the professor before finalizing registration.

Advanced non-native speakers may wish to take BLC 205 Essay and Revision or BLC 212 Grammar, Rhetoric, and Style.


Small-group tutorials on English language issues such as pronunciation, grammar, and reading are available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses for one semester or for the whole year?
Only Intensive ESL (BLC 107) is a full-year course. Grammar for Writers (BLC 110) is a one-semester course.

How many credits will I receive for these courses?
Intensive ESL (BLC 107)--the full year course--is 4 credits per semester (in other words, 8 credits for the whole year). Grammar for Writers (BLC 110) is a 4-credit course.

Do you offer other workshops or tutorials?
Yes, upon student request, small groups may be formed on English-language issues such as pronunciation and grammar skills.