For Students


How can you use the Learning Commons?

  • Take advantage of our drop-in tutoring hours in a variety of subjects.
  • Get math support to improve your algebra or precalculus skills.
  • Bring your paper to a writing consultant, whether you're working on a FYSEM essay or senior project.
  • Take a course.
  • Gain confidence speaking and reading English.
  • Ask for disability support.
  • Take a workshop.
  • Request a personal peer tutor.

Find a Tutor

Most peer tutoring offered by the Learning Commons comes in the form of drop-in hours—daily tutoring hours that any student can take advantage of. If you need a tutor in writing, math, physics, chemistry, economics, or biology, we suggest that you first take advantage of the special study sessions in those subjects (see below) before requesting one-on-one tutoring. The Learning Commons employs personal tutors in each subject.