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Tutor Guidelines 
Peer tutors may best be understood as a friendly second set of eyes.  They notice things that need noticing and help students re-visit answers and choices that merit revision. Peer tutors are students who have completed at least one year at Bard and have been nominated by faculty in a particular field. They have been trained to work with peers and to support their learning. 
It might be easiest to see what a tutor does by considering what tutors don’t do:
• peer tutors don’t do students’ homework for them
• peer tutors don’t proofread students’ papers
• peer tutors don’t make sure students’ assignments get an A
Rather, a tutor works with students to make sure that they understand the content of the course or, in the case of a writing tutor, they help writers figure out what the next step is for the current draft and how they might get there. For example, a writing tutor may help a student brainstorm a list of possible thesis statements, decide which is most promising, and then help the student develop the argument. A German tutor might go over rules for word order in German and then help a student apply those rules to a paper he or she has drafted.  
In each and every case, the role of the tutor is to support students doing their work.