The Master of Arts in Economic Theory and Policy

The one-year M.A. curriculum consists of eight core courses, including a research workshop and two electives. In the second semester, students design a research project under the direction of one of the Levy Institute’s core research teams, culminating in a final paper. The following is a sample course of study (core courses are denoted by an asterisk). Electives courses for Spring 2018: Poverty and Gender, Development Finance, History of Economic Thought, Inequalities across Time and Space.

** PLEASE NOTE this program ONLY offers admission to US residents.

First Semester Courses

  • Advanced Macroeconomics*
  • Advanced Microeconomics*
  • Research Methods I* and Research Workshop
  • History of Economic Thought*

Second Semester Courses

  • Money Finance and Instability*
  • Research Methods IIA: Stock-flow Modeling* and Research Workshop
  • Two Electives