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Support Services

Support Services
Bard College has a wide variety of support services in place for enrolled students, including health services, counseling, and IT support.

Career Development Office

The mission of the Bard College Career Development Office (CDO) is to help students find a professional purpose, along with offering a clear understanding of jobs in the 21st century. We ask students who they are and what matters to them, and then we partner with them to translate a liberal arts education into meaningful internships and work experience. We encourage students to schedule appointments, attend our programs, and contact the office for career advice.

Health and Counseling 

Care at the Bard College Student Health Service is based on a holistic approach to treating students. Its goal is to promote optimum physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being of the Bard community through education and preventative and primary care. 

The College's Counseling Service provides individual, couples, and group counseling as well as assessment, consultation, referral, and campus outreach services to the Bard community. All services are free of charge and available to currently enrolled students. 

International Student Services

The International Student Services Office provides technical assistance and advice to international students. Its prime responsibilities are to keep the College and students in compliance with the applicable immigration regulations and to help these students gain and maintain their F-1 status, as well as to assist with any administrative issues relating to employment, taxation, and the like. In conjunction with these formal obligations, the office provides informal advice on matters of cultural, social, and personal concern, and supports the activities of the International Student Organization.

Computing Services

Bard provides broadband Internet access and a multigigabit backbone to Bard's community, administrative, academic, and residential buildings. Wireless networking is available in many locations on campus. Wired Ethernet ports are also available in all dormitories and in many public areas. Support for academic computing includes a state-of-the-art learning and teaching environment, multimedia classrooms, and video teleconferencing. Many students bring computers to Bard, although they are not required to do so. Public computing labs are located around the campus, providing both Macintosh and Windows computers as well as compatible printers.

Religious Life

Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism are not only studied but also practiced at Bard. Clergy members offer study on both a formal and an informal basis, develop programming for the campus at large, and provide support for student organizations. Weekly worship in different traditions, as well as services and celebrations for holy days, are held throughout the year. 

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