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When you are beginning to explore a topic, go first to the database Religion and Philosophy Collection (EBSCO). This database allows searching by author, title, subject terms, geographic terms and can be limited to the date of publication. JSTOR is also an excellent choice, but generally does not have any article published in the last few years.

The best way to search in these or other databases is to go to the ADVANCED SEARCH option. This allows you to control your search terms and do a better, more controlled and in-depth search. Search by the author or subject or geographical term you find best. Combining them using the terms offered, AND, OR, and NOT, can narrow or widen your search depending upon the results you get.

There are times when a database will find the articles you are searching for in both PDF and HTML format.  If you believe the article will have charts and graphs, choose PDF – that will give you a better visual representation. If you think the article will have terms with which you may not be entirely familiar, or includes many names you may not yet know, HTML will have hyperlinks for you.

When searching in Religion and Philosophy Collection (EBSCO) or Academic Search Premier (EBSCO), you’ll need to see if the library subscribes to the journal the article you want is in. Open up another window to our homepage and click on our Journals link. Type in the title of the journal, click on the Search button and then click on the links (if any) listed below.

If we do not subscribe to the journal you’re looking for, use ILLiad to request the article.

illiad For more information on ILLiad, and to set up your account, click here. Once your account is set up, you can automatically populate the article request form from EBSCO databases – just click on the illiad button button. From other databases, or from citations you find in printed sources, type in the information.

You can also search the Directory of Open Access Journals online. They have over 80 journals that focus on Religion and over 160 that concentrate on Philosophy. They only allow searching on two words, but that should be enough to get a good idea of what is available.