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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission FAQs

  • Is it possible to enroll as a part-time student? VIEW MORE >>
  • Should I still apply even if I do not have all prerequisites? VIEW MORE >>
  • What undergraduate background do I need to be considered for acceptance to this program? VIEW MORE >>
  • Are GRE's required? VIEW MORE >>
  • Do I have to have had any formal teaching experience to be accepted to this program? VIEW MORE >>
  • What are the age ranges of your applicants and accepted students? VIEW MORE >>

FAQs About the Program

  • What areas of certification do you offer? VIEW MORE >>
  • Do I choose my school placement for my student teaching or does the Bard MAT place me? VIEW MORE >>
  • Do you plan to offer other areas of certification in the future? VIEW MORE >>
  • Is it possible to work while doing this program? VIEW MORE >>
  • Do I need a vehicle? VIEW MORE >>
  • Is there graduate housing on campus? VIEW MORE >>

Tuition, Financial Aid, Schlarships, and Grants

  • Does Bard award grant money in addition to loans and scholarships? VIEW MORE >>
  • What are the other fees, aside from tuition, associated with the program? VIEW MORE >>

Certification and Credentialing

  • What other requirements are there to become a certified teacher? VIEW MORE >>
  • Is New York State certification and California Credentialling transferable to other states? VIEW MORE >>
  • How does one go about obtaining dual certification? VIEW MORE >>
  • How soon after completion of this program will I be certified? VIEW MORE >>
  • Where can I find information on the additional requirements for certification including exam schedules and study guides? VIEW MORE >>

Graduation and Beyond

  • Upon completion of the Program, how do I obtain an official copy of my graduate transcript?
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  • When I am applying for teaching jobs, who should I contact to have my placement file sent? VIEW MORE >>
  • Where are MAT graduates teaching? VIEW MORE >>
  • How successful are your graduates in finding teaching jobs? VIEW MORE >>
  • What kind of help does the MAT provide to its students in their job search? VIEW MORE >>