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From the Dean of Teacher Education

From the Dean of Teacher Education
"A successful teacher is not only knowledgeable in the practices of a discipline, but is also observant, reflective, analytical, and resourceful in the contexts of classroom practice. The Carnegie Corporation of New York has suggested that teaching is a "clinical profession."

Dear Future Teacher,

The Master of Arts in Teaching Program at Bard College recognizes what many studies have demonstrated: that the classroom teacher plays the most influential role in student learning within our schools. Important changes in public education will not be effected through state-mandated, high-stakes standardized tests. Success on tests is only one measure of a complex set of skills and knowledge that a graduating high school student should possess. Too often, students leave the public schools with diminished expectations about what education has to offer or a limited view of their own intellectual capacities. Our schools will change only through the critically directed efforts of teachers working within the system.

Now in our 10th year of operation, the MAT has continued to respond to the feedback of students and graduates, reworking what we do to make it more effective. Though program goals remain unchanged, we enter the 2014-15 academic year with some changes, such as additional time and advisement to support MAT candidates in their academic research projects, increased time in public school classrooms, and increased emphasis on how the development of reading and writing skills are supported in classrooms across the disciplines, which recognizes the needs of students in many of the schools where MAT students are hired as well as the focus of the Common Core Standards on college-readiness skills.

In the MAT Program, we integrate theory and practice, study and application, through an active collaboration between the MAT faculty, public school teachers, and you, the MAT student. The emphasis, of course, is on what we, together, can do for the millions of students in the public schools. If this is your concern, if you see yourself as a teacher and a leader, then please join us in changing education.

Ric Campbell, Dean of Teacher Education, Bard College