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The Biology Discipline

The biology curriculum requires students to engage in the kinds of thinking that characterize professional work in the field. It challenges them to expand their studies with courses and research that demand the integration of disciplinary perspectives through a focus on essential questions and problems. In the work of the Teaching as Clinical Practice, and through experiences in curriculum design and implementation, independent laboratory research, and research in the public schools, MAT students translate their knowledge of biology into instructional designs that move beyond standards defined by state assessments.


Applicants for the M.A.T. degree in biology should have taken a minimum of one semester of introductory biology, a course in statistics or calculus, a course in ecology or evolution, a course in molecular biology or genetics, two semesters of introductory chemistry, and one semester of either organic chemistry or analytical chemistry.

Biology Courses:

  • Biology 513: Teaching Science: The Learner as Individual, A Field Experience VIEW MORE >>
  • Biology 525: Field Studies in Natural History VIEW MORE >>
  • Biology 526: Microbiology VIEW MORE >>
  • Biology 532: Academic Research Project VIEW MORE >>
  • Biology 536: Teaching Practicum I VIEW MORE >>
  • Biology 546: Teaching Practicum II VIEW MORE >>