Inspire Students     Elevate the Profession     Forge a Career
  Inspire Students     Elevate the Profession     Forge a Career

Offering degree (Master of Arts in Teaching) and credentialing (California Single Subject) pathways for new and veteran teachers seeking academic inspiration, modeling, and mentorship to support rewarding careers in education.

About Bard MAT

Great teachers are passionate about their subject matter, care deeply about sharing it, and work tirelessly to know the students with whom they share. At Bard we support exploration of your practice through coursework and mentorship--digging deeper into academic content, modeling great teaching, building relationships with students, promoting educational justice, and collaborating with innovative educators and community organizers who are creatively re-imagining schooling at this challenging time for democratic institutions.


Bard MAT is hosting several events this Spring to introduce your to our program, faculty, and student community
  • May 17: Open House MAT, 6-8 p.m. held prior to KPFK Amy Goodman benefit @ IPC (see details)
  • May 5: Community Celebration 7 p.m. 
  • April 27: Bard MAT Open House 
  • April 20: Why Teaching Ethnic Studies Matters 

Dates and Deadlines

June 1: Final Application Deadline
August 1: Deadline for Fall Credentialing Application
September 5: Fall Semester Begins
January 8, 2018: Winter Semester Begins
April 27, 2018: Classes End