Meeting Your Hiring Needs in 2018


Qualifying schools with staff shortages, including institutions filing a Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators (CL-500), can:
1) refer Bard to staff or prospective hires needing credential pathways while working
2) contact us to meet eligible Bard candidates or alumni seeking teaching positions
3) partner with Bard to strengthen your recruiting message to prospective hires

Partnership and Cross-Promotion

Partnership and Cross-Promotion
On the hiring trail for 2018?  The Bard program schedule is specifically designed for schools with pressing personnel challenges. We encourage cross-promotion efforts that help schools fill shortage positions while giving new hires a respected pathway to a permanent credential.

Schools aligned with Bard can add a powerful message to wavering recruits exploring multiple job offers. The option of a streamlined credential leading to a graduate degree can attract more serious pre-service educators to your classrooms. Moreover, the program can provide outside support and community to individuals in that pivotal first year of teaching.

Like your school, Bard is interested in recruiting, preparing, empowering, and retaining outstanding teachers in Los Angeles. And Bard already attracts pre-professionals who are knowledgeable, committed, and ready to take on the difficult work of teaching in high need public school classrooms, including those with significant English language learner populations. Contact us to learn more about how our program accommodates educators, in a variety of credentialing circumstances, moving quickly into full-time teaching.