Program Features


Bard MAT is a master's degree and credentialing program for individuals exploring education through the liberal arts and sciences while building careers in teaching, leadership, and public advocacy. Candidates spend their first year in supported public school teaching roles followed by a second year conducting research on a topic in their chosen area of concentration while taking interdisciplinary courses in the Humanities and Ethnic Studies. 

  • Course scheduling and mentor support sequences designed for individuals ready for immediate immersion in public school classrooms.
  • Two-year programming designed to maximize support for candidates in public school teaching roles and prepared for faculty guided independent research
  • Individual Research Projects (IRP) driven by student interest and guided by faculty expertise, designed for candidates who want to grow as researchers and expand their career opportunities as educators
  • Interdisciplinary inquiry examining education and the subject matter of secondary schools, including STEM subjects, through the lenses of the Arts, Humanities, and Ethnic Studies.
  • Dedicated faculty scholars, expert in their academic field and teaching, actively involved in public education, committed to strengthening teachers and teaching in under-resourced classrooms, and advocating for social justice in their community.
  • Purposeful ongoing exchanges with innovative educators across Los Angeles modeling transformative work in teaching, educational leadership, policy, activism, and the arts through Community Education Electivesinstitutional partnerships, and project/clinical faculty.