The English/Literature Discipline

The English/Literature Discipline

The MAT English Curriculum offers the integrated study of literature, literary criticism, and literacy pedagogy. MAT students take three core courses, developed as examples of literary study that is at once responsive to current scholarship and influenced by the needs of future secondary teachers. Students also complete an independent study culminating in a research paper and annotated bibliography. 


Applicants for the M.A.T. degree in literature should hold a B.A. in English or a related field (such as language study, gender studies, or comparative literature) in which critical analysis of literature was a significant component. Ideally, the undergraduate course work includes survey courses that address a broad range of texts from a particular culture or period, and seminars that engage students in intensive study of an author or issue. Applicants who did not major in a field of literary study are encouraged to contact the MAT Program to discuss their undergraduate course work and its applicability to the MAT literature degree.

Sample English/ Literature Courses

  • Literature 512: Major Authors: Byron and Austen Expand for more.
  • Literature 535: American Immigrant Voices Expand for more.
  • Literature 513: Summer School Field Experience Expand for more.
  • Literature 522: The Empire Writes Back Expand for more.
  • Literature 524: Gender and Domesticity in 19th-Century America Expand for more.
  • Literature 545: Victorian Spaces Expand for more.
  • Literature 555: American Realisms Expand for more.
  • Literature 532: Academic Research Project Expand for more.
  • Literature 536: Teaching Practicum I Expand for more.
  • Literature 546: Teaching Practicum II Expand for more.

Education Courses

  • Education 502: Schooling in the 21st Century Expand for more.
  • Education 512: Identity, Culture and the Classroom Expand for more.
  • Education 522: Curriculum and Assessment  Expand for more.
  • Education 524: Language, Literacy and the Adolescent Learner Expand for more.
  • Education 515, 525, 535: Teaching Lab Strands I, II, III Expand for more.